Meet the World's First Fusion-Category Rooftop Tent

German designed and engineered to provide the best of both worlds, Roof Space 2 combines the spaciousness and small footprint of a soft-shell tent with the durability and ease of use of a hard-shell tent. Compromises are no longer necessary.

Set up With a Single Flip in Under a Minute

Designed for swift transitions between travelling and camping, Roof Space 2 is the epitome of simplicity and efficiency. Solo travellers in particular will appreciate the effortless setup and takedown.

Roof Space 2 - The Ultimate Solution for the Rooftop Tent Dilemna

Introducing Roof Space 2: the first rooftop tent to combine the quick setup of a hard-shell tent with the expansive sleeping area of a soft-shell tent. This innovation marks the world's first fusion-category tent.

The Tent

  • Panorama Mode

    With Roof Space 2, the entire front opens up, transforming your rooftop tent into a cozy terrace. Immerse yourself in nature and savor every moment of your surroundings.

    The Tent
  • All-Aluminum Case

    Crafted entirely from 5052 aluminum, the shell is designed for minimal wind resistance, ensuring fuel efficiency. Its ultra-compact build and lightweight design, at just 147 lbs, make it easy to mount on almost any car.

    The Tent
  • One Person Setup

    Thanks to its powerful gas struts, the tent is exceptionally easy to set up and take down, even for solo travelers.

    The Tent

Transformation Magic

Roof Space 2 is a true marvel of transformation. Its unique design offers multiple setup possibilities. Want to discover all the ways you can set up Roof Space? Look here:

The Tent

Why Roof Space

Traveling with the Roof Space 2 offers unparalleled advantages. Experience ultimate flexibility, a deep connection to nature, and embrace sustainable travel like never before.


With Roof Space, travel becomes truly flexible. No need to rely on booked accommodations.

One With Nature

With Roof Space, you’re always at the heart of nature. It’s perfect for discovery, understanding nature, and experiencing a mindful connection with the environment.

Sustainable Travel

Roof Space champions a sustainable lifestyle with its durable, repairable rooftop tents crafted from recyclable aluminum. Designed to encourage travel by vehicle and reduce the need for air travel, Roof Space heightens your awareness of nature. This approach lets adventurers explore the environment without significantly increasing their ecological footprint.

Back to Nature

Roof Space is 90% recyclable and free from hard-to-recycle materials like ABS and fiberglass. We’ve meticulously designed it so all critical parts are repairable or replaceable.

Engineered With Passion

The journey of Roof Space began in our garage in 2020. We are Jakob and Manu, two passionate entrepreneurs who set out to create the perfect rooftop tent for explorers like us. Want to learn more about the story behind Roof Space? Discover it here.

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